Prophetic Service

On Wednesdays and Saturdays leading up to our 2014-2015 orientation, we will be posting an entry related to each of our core values with queries to help us prepare for a year together exploring the Quaker Way, Service, Transformation and Community.

Prophetic Service:

Quaker Voluntary Service defines our value of service thusly:

Through the QVS experience, we seek to create and sustain a culture of service within the broader Quaker community and foster a lifetime of service for volunteers who learn the joy of giving of themselves for the good of the world and in gratitude to God. We strive to serve in contextually appropriate ways that affirm the dignity of all persons and the sovereignty of all communities. We will practice solidarity rooted in mutually empowering relationships.

Today, we engage prophetic service with Noah Merrill: Please watch Quaker Speak’s Interview with QVS board member Noah Merrill on Prophetic Service here and engage the queries below.


(We recommend considering these queries, and as you have time and are lead, journaling about them in preparation for your time with QVS. It could be helpful to discern if there are responses to these queries that it could be helpful to share with your QVS housemates).

  1. How does Noah’s understanding of prophecy resonate with you? Are there way you hope to bring this view of the world into your QVS year?
  2. What do you hear in the concept of Friends and sacramental living? Have you experienced this? Do you have hopes for experiencing this in your QVS year? What are your goals related to sacramental living?
  3. Noah explains prophetic service as not just saying that another way is possible but as living a different way – making it a reality. As you contemplate this concept, how do you respond to it? What does it cause you to imagine or wonder about your year with QVS? What does it cause you to hope? What fears do you have?
  4. How might you live in a way that invites people into the possibility that something could be different?
  5. Noah suggests that we could be living into this prophetic service in communities. What are your hopes and fears for living in an intentional community engaging in prophetic service? What questions or hopes do you have for your housemates? What conversations would be helpful to have early on in your time together to prepare for this communal life of prophetic service?
  6. Noah talks about seeing things as they are and also reaching for what they could be. What are you seeing as it is and longing to lean into what it could be? What are your goals for this life of prophetic service in your QVS year?

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