Trail Magic

Trail Magic

Watching the first QVS volunteers arrive to the house in August…
Growing faith in our abilities to cope with and thrive in new settings –

My space,
Your space,
Our space
Home could be here – or anywhere.
If you ask, they will be there…

Balancing strong and gentle is an ongoing process.
Remembering to love helps.
Feeling stressed isn’t just about not having time.
It can be hard to find 10 minutes a day to pray.

Large gatherings of different people in sunny parks
And the scents of treats outside amongst the building of friendship
A penny for you and one for me,
Put it on the railroad tracks
Then in the Boo Radley Tree!

Sitting around the fire at Dean and Christina’s Atlanta reception,
Talking and watching the fire
And bonding with Dean.
Sitting on the blue denim couch,
Talk about Quaker History.
Greater clarity on the things I’m seeking –
Work fulfillment,
Setting –
Clarity from both presence and absence

Making the mod-podge chore wheel
There is a balance between obedience and efficiency
Lasting community, that understands the full me.
Spiritual journey sharing
And that time I was almost hit by a car

There is an oft used and important time and space to talk,
And there is a harder to find but equally important time to listen.
Two people crying on my couch
So many tears, swollen up with love
Moments and stories of people who find their passion.
The people you live with fill your house with warmth and joy.

A tolerance for ambiguity
When surprise magic happens
The future being better than we expect it will be…

At our retreat in February, the volunteers, Christina, and Erica wrote this collaborative poem.


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