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Rebecca’s Bio

Rebecca Sullivan is a life-long Quaker and has spent her life living in intentional community. She graduated from Guilford College in May 2011 with a double major in Comparative Religion and Peace and Conflict Studies. While at Guilford Rebecca participated in the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program and served as the Co-Clerk. She also studied abroad in Kenya with the School for International Training. In Philadelphia where she now lives, she has participated in the Emerging Leaders Scholars Program of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and she is an intern with the Friends Rehabilitation Program, as well as with Education Works. Rebecca will do her QVS service at the American Friends Service Committee’s Atlanta office, and she will focus on AFSC’s emerging work within Atlanta area schools.


Lisa’s Bio

Lisa Scarpelli graduated from Earlham College in May 2012 where she majored in Peace and Global Studies and Minored in Spanish and Hispanic Studies. Lisa volunteered at the Dayton Ohio International Peace Museum in the summer of 2010 and participated in Pendle Hill’s Young Adult Leadership Development Program in the summer of 2011. She also worked as volunteer staff at the Independent Living Center of Richmond, Indiana for two years where she performed a variety of tasks. Lisa consistently strives to place herself in situations that will cause her to be challenged, to grow, and to learn. Lisa will be working this year at Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions, a grassroots, woman-led, community based organization that seeks to direct women’s voices into a powerful movement for change. Their mission is to empower women (and men) to act politically to reduce militarism and violence and to redirect excessive military spending towards unmet human and environmental needs.

LIz’s Bio

Liz Nicholson was raised in the West Richmond Friends Meeting and also attends First Friends in Richmond, Indiana. She graduated from Guilford College in May 2012 where she majored in Psychology and minored in Music. Liz was a member of the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program and served as Co-Clerk of that program, as well as taking other leadership roles in the community. She studied abroad in Ghana where she also worked as a museum guide, and she also worked as an intern in an affordable housing complex for seniors in Greensboro where she shared her gift of music. Liz will be working at The Frazer Center, which serves adults and children with developmental disabilities. Her role will be as a job coach in the adult program.

Kelsey’s Bio

Kelsey McNicholas graduated from Guilford College in 2011 with joint degrees in Peace and Conflict Studies, Sociology, and Anthropology. Her honors thesis was entitled, “On Stories and Authority, Narrative as a Form of Resistance to Systemic Violence in U.S. Immigration Policy.” While at Guilford, she was a member of the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program, she studied abroad in Mexico, she received the Newlin Award for Social Concerns from New Garden Friends Meeting, and she was a Bonner Scholar. She also organized an alternative spring break trip to the Mexico border with No More Deaths, and she interned in the immigration program of the American Friends Service Committee’s Greensboro office. She currently works as a legal intake volunteer at the American Civil Liberties Union in Philadelphia. She also participated in Pendle Hill’s Young Adult Leadership Development Program in the summer of 2011. Kelsey will be working this year at the Clarkston Development Foundation as the Community Engagement Associate.

Justin’s Bio

Justin Leverett graduated from the University of Kansas in 2010 with a degree in Journalism and French. Justin was active with the university newspaper and radio, and served as the President and Secretary of the Society of Professional Journalists on campus. He also oversaw and managed the food program for a fifty-member student housing cooperative. Justin has worked at summer camps, as a farm volunteer, and in a restaurant. Justin grew up attending both Quaker meeting and Jewish synagogue very regularly and considers himself to be part of both faith traditions. He is active in Southern Illinois Quaker Meeting where he currently serves as Recording Clerk. Justin will work as the Communications Associate at Clarkston Development Foundation, whose mission is to work closely with refugees, immigrants, Americans and other stakeholders in Clarkston, Georgia, to create a thriving, multicultural neighborhood community that celebrates diversity and is supported by an integrated set of holistic programs and support services.

Allison’s Bio

Allison Letts graduated from Haverford College in May 2012 where she majored in Linguistics and minored in Educational Studies. Allison has worked in the public school system in Philadelphia and has worked in a variety of educational settings. She worked for several summers with an organization called Achieving Better Control Diabetes Clinical Self-Management. Allison lived in Quaker House, an intentional Quaker community for students, for three of her four years at Haverford, and served as co-clerk for the student Quaker community (QuaC). As co-clerk, she managed budgets, organized and implemented programs and events, and provided spiritual grounding for others. She was also a member of the Nurture and Care Committee. Allison will work as an Assistant Teacher in the children’s program at The Frazer Center, a community of children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Frazer Center is an inclusive community where people at all levels of ability and disability gather, learn and flourish together.

Becca’s Bio

Becca Bass graduated from Haverford College in May 2012 where she majored in Psychology and minored in Educational Studies. Her senior thesis was titled “Transformational Processing of Negative Events Through Writing: An Experimental Manipulation.” Becca has dedicated much of her intellectual energy, time, and commitment to issues of education and education reform.  She was a founding member of Buffalo ReformEd, an education reform policy nonprofit in her hometown of Buffalo, New York. She was also the founding president of the Haverford chapter of Students for Education Reform. Becca lived in community with the same group during her four years at Haverford, which taught her a lot about the challenges and joys of community life. Introduced to Quakerism while at Haverford, she appreciates so much about the Quaker tradition and looks forwards to learning and experiencing more this year with QVS. Becca will be serving at Atlanta Habitat for Humanity, where she will work as a family services assistant, working with families to access the resources of Habitat for Humanity and engaging in community outreach and education programs.

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